Barça’s wars, by Marçal Lorente

Its greatness has been forged thanks to a history of resistance and uprising. But barca is receiving so much and from so many parties that it is now a dying club, which is bleeding to death due to the haemorrhages caused in recent years by the civil wars waged between its own directives, (let’s not forget that a year ago laporta, a prisoner of revenge, took the club’s folders to the prosecutor’s office and related the previous leaders to “criminal behavior” despite not having found a single piece of evidence to file a complaint), due to the fateful management errors of its leaders, but also due to the use and political interference of those here and the counterattacks of the factual powers of those from there. For some and for others.

The point is that the barca, as a model club that owns its members, is more in danger than ever. And what is worrying is that its social mass realizes it but does not react because, perhaps, it does not understand the protection enjoyed by those who are leading it to the SA or that the springs are disconnected.

The case negreira‘ brings together many fronts. Having suffered the historical damages from arbitration due to living away from power, it is understandable that the presidents wanted to neutralize it by obtaining information about what was going on in the thick of the referees, but directly hiring the vice president of the referees with bills is a big botch job. The last two former presidents are on trial and they will defend themselves against the judicial war when it comes their turn. But laporta, who is the visible face of the institution, the one who is permanently in the eye of the hurricane, is involved and is equally or more responsible. And that is why the media war driven ruthlessly and daily by the enemies of the barca.

The reputational damage suffered by the club cannot be counteracted with sobs, stammering and victimizing speeches but with explanations and measures. More than a month has passed since the case was uncovered and the silence is deafening. laporta He is legitimized but he should reflect on whether the club would now benefit from another president who was not affected by that scandal and had not made so many powerful enemies. When the ‘case jumped neymar‘, caused by a culé partner who one day will know who was behind him, Rosell resigned to defend himself and protect the barca. Instead, the strategy of laporta is “we will defend and attack”. In other words, more war and more wear and tear on the institution. It will be very difficult for the club to come out on top when its president is up against The league due to the salary limit, he gets along badly with the Federation because he was one of those who paid the vice president of the referees and went to ordinary justice for the sports sanction to Lewandowskiand who is facing the Uefa Yet the FIFA by super league, promoted together with a travel companion who has ended up taking him to the orchard. win today at real Madrid and give it the lace in the League It will be very pleasant for the culé but it will only be a small battle won in the midst of too many wars.

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