Barça’s game against Bayern in Munich is worth 20.2 million

The Barça a lot is at stake on this last day of the Champions League group stage. The budget of the Barça club for the 2021-2022 season contemplates as fixed passing this first phase, playing the round of 16 and qualifying for the quarterfinals, with an estimated total income of 38.4 million euros, a figure in a context economic so complicated and in which everything adds up.

It should not be forgotten that UEFA awards 9.6 million euros for passing the group stage, plus corresponding amounts depending on the result of each match: 2.8 million for each victory, and 930,000 euros for each draw. The quarterfinals, which is budgeted, represent an additional 10.6 million. The income needed to balance the accounts this season is at stake. There is 20.2 million at stake.

The distribution of prizes this season is as follows: for accessing the league, the clubs receive 15.64 million euros. The qualification for the round of 16 is those 9.6 million more. Reaching the fourths means collecting 10.6 million. Barça now has the initial 15.64, plus the 2.8 million that correspond to it for its only victory in the current Champions League against Dinamo Kiev and 1.8 for the donle draw against Dinamo and Benfica.

For 20 years, since the 2000-01 season, the Barça team has not been down in the group stage. With Lorenzo Serra Ferrer on the bench, the Catalans could only be third, behind Milan and Leeds.

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