Barça rival Benfica will pass tests of the omicron variant

The Benfica players, who compete with FC Barcelona for the second place in their group in the Champions League, will be tested for Covid-19 since on Saturday they faced Belenenses, a team that registers 13 cases of the new omicron variant.

As explained this Monday by the general director of Health of Portugal, Graça Freitas, although it is not the usual protocol, as it is the new variant, the Benfica players will be tested.

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This morning, the National Institute of Health (INSA) of Portugal confirmed that the thirteen samples of Covid-19 of the Belenenses footballers are of the omicron variant.

In total, 17 positive cases have already been confirmed, including the coach and his assistant and two members of the coaching staff, in addition to the 13 footballers. Even, as the club confirmed to EFE, there are two players whose tests are not clear about whether or not they are positive.

The 44 members of the Belenenses, isolated

The 44 members of the Belenenses squad are isolated in their homes and today it is expected that they will be given another round of testing.

South African footballer Cafu Phete, who belongs to this squad, returned to Portugal last Sunday, November 22, after playing two games with his country’s national team.

According to the Belenenses, this player is the third time he has contracted the Covid-19 virus.

Among those infected, the three Brazilian players on the squad: goalkeeper Luiz Felipe, captain Sandro – a player who passed through Tottenham or Udinese – and striker Alisson Safira.

Even the club’s doctor has tested positive, according to the Portuguese team, who has confirmed that four footballers have mild symptoms and the rest are asymptomatic.

At the moment, all the footballers are training at home following the orders of the physical trainers.

The party of controversy

Due to the Covid outbreak, -19 Belenenses had to face Benfica last Saturday in a Portuguese Primeira Liga match with only 9 outfield players.

The match had to be suspended in the 46th minute when Belenenses were left with 6 players on the pitch and trailed 0-7.

The consequences could extend to the Champions League, since on December 7, Benfica receives Dynamo Kiev and Barcelona plays in Munich against Bayern on the last day where Barça and incarnated will fight for second place to access the round of 16.

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