Barça is worth a draw against Plzen to be in the Final Four

The Barça futsal has everything to face to be in the Final Four of the Champions League. Tras win the first two games against Dobovec (8-2) and Halle-Gooik (4-8), Barça faces today (18 hours, BarçaTV, BarçaTV + and Esport3) the third and decisive match against Plzen, the host, knowing that winning and even drawing they will qualify for the Final Four. Whistle, sanctioned, will be low. Yes, Bernat Povill can play.

Barça depends on itself and is classified in all cases if it wins or draws against Plzen. In case of defeat, those of Jesus Velasco They would depend on the result of the match between Dobovec and Halle-Gooik and which will be played before Plzen-Barça.

To the Barça it interests to him that it wins Dobovec. If this were the case, the Catalans would qualify even losing by a maximum difference of three goals.

If Dobovec does not win and Barça loses, those of Velasco they would be eliminated. Likewise, if Dobovec wins but Barça loses by 4 or more goals difference, they would also be eliminated.

Adolfo It is clear to him: “We don’t think about the different combinations, for us there is only one way to reach the Final Four: to beat Plzen.” And he warned on Barça TV that “we cannot trust ourselves in the least against Plzen, they are a physically very strong team and with enough quality to beat any team. In fact, in this Champions League they have already won against Tyumen and Halle-Gooik, and they also drew against Kairat. Besides, they play at home and that still makes them a more dangerous opponent. “

He pointed Adolfo that “the key is maximum concentration and fighting each ball as if it were the last. If we do this, we can surely make a difference with our quality and our offensive potential and we will have many options to qualify for the Final Four.”

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