Barça insists on the PIN code to vote in the Espai Barça consultation

Given that the consultation on the financing of Espai Barça is with the telematic voting modality, it is necessary for each member to carry out a prior process of updating their personal data that appears in the Club, before December 7, inclusive.

It is essential that the data registered in the Club are the same data in force and used by each member, in order to guarantee the functioning and security of the voting process.

Access with the Personal Code / PIN

To check and update personal data, it is necessary to have the Membership Code (which is on the membership card) and the Personal Pin Code. This code is not published anywhere, and each member should remember it. In case you do not know the personal code, you can easily get a new code from the same online procedures page.

What is the personal code / PIN:

It is a numerical figure necessary to enter the personal data of each member. This code is not published anywhere, due to confidentiality issues, and the member must remember it in order to access their area.

How can you have a new code if you can’t remember it?

On the same page of online procedures, under the code space, there is the possibility of generating a new personal Code. If this option is accessed, a form is opened where the Password, ID and email of the member listed in the Club are requested, and it is sent once answered. (If the email address is not what the Club has, an error appears)

Do I choose the new Personal Code?

Yes. Once the previous form has been sent, in their email address, the member will receive an email with a link that when accessing a final form will appear where they must put their date of birth and the figure of four numbers that they want to be their new Personal Code / PIN, and you will be asked to enter it twice. From that moment on you will be able to use the new Personal Code that you have entered.

Checking and updating data

With the Password and the personal Code, you can now access the personal data of each member and check the update of the data necessary to participate in the consultation on December 19.

Password (appears on the membership card)

Personal code / PIN

Mobile phone


Date of birth

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