Barça goes from the initial scare to the final win against Halle

In an electric game, without a break on the scoreboard, the Barça resolved with another comfortable victory (4-8) the second day of the Elite Round of the Champions League, which is being played in Plzen (Czech Republic). The victim was this time a Halle-Goolk who fought until the last minute of the first part. From the equalized Barça match, the Belgians were subdued by the better individual and collective quality of the Barça players.

As before Dobovec, Barça came out numb and in just 13 seconds they had already received a goal. He reacted to the minute of play but the script for the first half was written by the Find always ahead on the scoreboard. Until Barça managed to advance on the scoreboard (3-4) at the end of the first half. In the second, it was a winning monologue, although at times it had to withstand the pressure and danger from the Belgians. He was never in trouble again and knew how to increase his loot until the last gasp, with a goal on the horn (4-8).



Cristiano, Eduardo, Tomic, Roninho, Jelovcic -starting five-, Bex, Gabriel, Carpes, Cordier, Dillien, Diogo, Grello, Sánchez Arévalo


Dídac Plana, Matheus, Lozano, Ferrao, Ortiz – initial five-, Feixas, Povill, Coelho, Dyego, Adolfo, Esquerdinha, Pito, Marcenio

Goals: 1-0, Tomic (1 ‘); 1-1, Matheus (2 ‘); Ferrao pp (4 ‘); 2-2, Ferrao (4 ‘); 3-2, Gabriel (9 ‘); 3-3, Coelho (17 ‘); 3-4, Dyego (19 ‘); 3-5, Dyego (24 ‘); 4-5, Diogo (27 ‘); 4-6, Matheus (28 ‘); 4-7, Whistle (35 ‘); 4-8, Lozano (40 ‘) Spectators: about 500 in the Lokomotiva Plzen

Referee: Vedran Babic and Nikola Jelic (Croatia). Cards to Tomic, Roninho, Gabriel, Diogo / Pito, Ortiz

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