Barça and Manchester City approach positions for Ferran Torres

Ferran torres has many numbers to become a new Barça player next January. After what Pep Guardiola agreed to let him out in the winter market if there was an agreement between clubs, the predisposition of the Manchester City it is good and the differences between the two clubs are not very important. As sources close to the negotiation, the postures of both clubs are more and more close and there is little difference between the starting price set by the English and the Barça offer.

A month after the winter market opens, there is some optimism at Barça regarding the arrival of Ferran towers in January. The Valencian striker fits perfectly into the profile he was claiming Xavi to reinforce the front, since he can play in the three positions of the front and is a player with a lot of goals. His numbers with the Spanish team endorse him and in the City this season -before he injured himself- it seemed that he was losing some prominence, hence the British team agrees to transfer him, as long as he obtains a figure higher than the amount invested ago. two years, when he paid Valencia a fixed 23 million plus a series of variables (up to a maximum of twelve).

The two clubs negotiate a transfer direct and although in principle it had been speculated with the option that the Barça request a transfer with compulsory purchase in summer, for the purposes of salary mass and limited investment, now only the part of the transfer to be amortized until the end of the season would be computed.

The player and the FC Barcelona they already agree and Ferran towers also has the approval of Pep Guardiola, so it only remains the agreement between clubs, which seems well under way. In this case, the good personal relationship of Laporta with Guardiola and also from Mateu Alemany with Ferran Soriano it can help the operation come to fruition. If nothing goes wrong Ferran towers will be from Barça in January

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