Ballon d’Or: The snub for Neymar

Among the 30 nominated for the 2021 edition, Neymar inherits the worst place of his career in the Ballon d’Or ranking: 16th.

In poor physical shape most of the time, Neymar contributed very little to PSG in 2021, but the Auriverde crack will at least have taken the Brazilian Seleçao to the Copa América. Named among the 30 players for the Ballon d’Or France Football of the Year, the number 10 Auriverde was content with 16th place.

At 29, the “Ney” gets his worst place in a BO ranking. He was 10th in 2011 when he was first appointed, 13th in 2012, 5th in 2013, 7th in 2014, 3rd in 2015, 5th in 2016, 3rd in 2017 and 12th in 2018, not being nominated in 2019 due to his injuries.

One of the criteria of the Ballon d’Or: the “class”

Did Neymar deserve more votes? ” In relation to the criterion of the class, it is surely in the 5 “, Launched Ludovic Obraniak, on the set of the channel L’Equipe. The ” class “Is indeed one of the 3 criteria with the” performance ” and the ” prize list To be taken into consideration in the Ballon d’Or of the year vote.

The former Barça prodigy is ahead of Luis Suarez, Riyad Mahrez, Lautaro Martinez, Harry Kane, Pedri or Ruben Dias, who all achieved a better 2020-2021 season with their respective club, both individually and collectively. As a reminder, Neymar was not champion of France with PSG. The international jury must have forgotten it …

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