Ballon d’Or: Pierre Ménès denounces nonsense

A few days after Lionel Messi’s 7th Ballon d’Or, Pierre Ménès recalls that the vote was fairer in the past, when only European journalists composed the jury to elect the best player playing on the Old Continent.

Unlike many football fans, Pierre Ménès is not shocked by the France Football Ballon d’Or offered to Lionel messi, A week ago. The 58-year-old journalist, on his website Pierrot le foot, recalls that the Argentinian genius ” is the only one of the players concerned who won a big competition “, With the Copa América, since” Benzema won nothing, Mbappé won the Coupe de France, Lewandowski won the championship “And that Jorginho, winner of the Champions League and then the Euro,” don’t make kids dream “.

The former star consultant of Canal +, however, understands the big controversies that accompanied the coronation of “La Pulga”, pointing to the vote in itself: ” It got me drunk. Everything got me drunk. The German, Italian, Spanish and French press campaign for Benzema. In the end, the only one who did not have a press campaign was Messi and it was he who won. The voting system is obsolete. That the English vote carries as much weight as that of the guy from the Cayman Islands, footballistically, it does not make sense. I think we need a total overhaul of the voting method because I realize that the only moment when this Ballon d’Or was not so contested, is when it was a college of European journalists who voted “.

Lewandowski, the European Ballon d’Or

Former editor at The team (a newspaper attached to France Football), Pierre Ménès is well placed to know that the Ballon d’Or had won its letters of nobility, in the 60s and 70s, by requesting a select committee of European journalists. The trophy indeed rewarded the best European player playing on the Old Continent. And if we only take into account the choice of journalists from UEFA nations, it is Robert lewandowski who is first, not in front of Messi, but in front of … Jorginho !

It is from 2007 (only) that France Football switched to a global jury, soliciting journalists from all over the world who have not necessarily respected the tradition of the award. Worse, from 2010 to 2015, the French media distorted its Ballon d’Or by merging with the title of Fifa Player of the Year, also leaving it to the national captains and coaches to vote. Anything big. And Messi has won more than once every two years …

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