Ballon d’Or: Matthaüs’ rant


  • 1/12

    The Ballon d’Or 2021

    The suspense ended on Monday evening.

  • 2/12

    Lionel messi

    All smiles with his Ballon d’Or 2021!

  • 3/12

    Lionel messi

    For a 7th Ballon d’Or!

  • 4/12

    Lionel messi

    The Argentine genius had come with his little family.

  • 5/12

    Robert lewandowski

    The Pole is 2nd in the Ballon d’Or (and winner of the top scorer trophy).

  • 6/12

    Karim Benzema

    A dream passes for “KB9”, only 4th …

  • 7/12

    Cristiano Ronaldo

    A nice 6th place for “CR7”.

  • 8/12

    Kylian Mbappé

    Present at the Théâtre du Chatelet, it is ranked 9th.

  • 9/12


    16th in the Ballon d’Or 2021, his worst ranking.

  • 10/12

    Alexia Putellas

    Barça player Alexia Putellas wins the women’s Ballon d’Or.

  • 11/12

    Gianluigi Donnarumma

    The Yachine Trophy for the Italian porter.

  • 12/12


    Nominated for the Ballon d’Or and above all winner of the Kopa Trophy.

Winner of the Ballon d’Or in 1990, Lothar Matthaüs has a hard time understanding that Robert Lewandowski was not crowned.

The results of the Ballon d’Or 2021 have not finished talking on the other side of the Rhine. As soon as the victory of Lionel messi – and therefore the defeat of Robert lewandowski -, Bild thus spoke of a scandal in one of its site.

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A little more measured in his words, Lothar Matthaüs is nonetheless just as upbeat. “Honestly, I don’t understand a thing anymore. With all due respect to Messi and the other great named players, none deserved it as much as Lewandowski “, he told Sky Germany’s microphone, adding: “He’s unmatched over the past two years. But even if you only take into account 2021, it is better than the rest. He broke Gerd Müller’s record of the century, again tops the list of top scorers in all competitions and has overtaken everyone nationally and internationally this year as well. “

“Messi may have won the Copa America with Argentina, but he’s completely pale in Paris, continued the 1990 world champion. Benzema also played a great year, but came away empty-handed with Real. Salah has been great in recent months but experienced a long period of drought at the start of the year. Jorginho has of course won two very big titles with Chelsea and Italy, but is nowhere near as remarkable as the Bayern striker and practically week after week. And Ronaldo was not as consistent and extraordinary as Lewandowski. I don’t understand why he didn’t win. “

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