Ballon d’Or: Bayern wants revenge

the Bayern Munich don’t get angry. Eight years after the snub experienced by Franck Ribéry, only third in 2013 despite the grand slam of the Bavarian giant, Robert lewandoski was off for a new disillusion, the Pole having to settle for second place behind Lionel messi despite his 64 goals scored during the year. A status of dolphin which has gone very badly across the Rhine, Lothar Matthaüs thus confiding his incomprehension and Bild evoking a real “scandal”.

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If the main party has shown fair play and if the Munich leaders have also wanted to be discreet, Thomas Müller expressed his disappointment by posting a long message on Linkedin. “From a Bavarian, Polish but also German point of view, the presentation of the Ballon d’Or was definitely a disappointment, wrote the 2014 world champion. For some even a little more. Even though I have been in the business for a little longer and so I was not really surprised by the result (it was the same with Franck Ribéry in 2013), the whole formed or reinforced a thought in me: we we have great players in the Bundesliga and we must not hide. However, further international successes are needed for global recognition. “

Thomas Müller therefore displays his ambitions and those of all of Bayern Munich: to reconquer the Champions League. “It’s also a huge motivation for me to put everything in the balance in order to bring the Champions League back to Munich and show the football world what’s going on. And above all, what German football has to offer. We have the next opportunity to do so next Wednesday in the Champions League game against FC Barcelona. We tackle it! “, he continued. Barça, who must win in Bavaria to be sure to keep his destiny in hand for the qualification for the round of 16 is therefore warned.

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