Aulas “will take French football into a dive”

After the new serious incidents of the meeting between Paris FC and OL, the president of the Parisian club Pierre Ferracci held very strong words against Jean-Michel Aulas.

From one scandal to another. While the sanctions continue to fall following the meeting between theOlympique Lyonnais and Olympique de Marseille, the Rhone club is involved in a new abandoned match. It was Friday in the Coupe de France, and following a brawl between the stands involving Gones supporters at half-time, many spectators took refuge on the lawn, which led to the meeting being stopped.

Again on the front line, Jean-Michel Aulas does not assume that half. “Responsibilities are shared, it is a concern of society, pleaded the president of OL to the press. A lot of elements show me that we have a responsibility and that we are going to clean up but the first throws of firecrackers on the Lyon supporters were not made between Lyonnais. So there was a rebellion. We also saw on the ground that hundreds of people were not from Lyon. You have to do the analysis and recognize the responsibility. We will punish, but we cannot bear all the responsibility. You have to analyze everything. “

“A standing version”

The time for analysis will come little by little. But, hot, the president of the Paris FC had a whole different view of things.“A bunch of morons ruined everything as usual. This bunch of morons, it’s the Lyon ultras, cursed Pierre Ferracci on RMC. The origin of the incidents is obvious, even if Olympique Lyonnais has already had to offer a standing version. I even heard that it was a PSG gang from the Auteuil stand that attacked them. I heard that in the ranks of Lyon leaders. “

The Parisian president hardly believes in it, and attacks his Lyon counterpart directly. “Sometimes I defend Jean-Michel Aulas but I also say that we must stop delirious. I do not mind that the responsibilities are always shared but it always comes from the same clubs ”, annoys the leader of the Ligue 2 club, who believes that the lessons have not been learned from previous meetings. “Instead of insulting each other in the public square, the clubs including OL and OM would do well to clean up”, argues Pierre Ferracci.

And for the president of Paris FC, the threat is colossal. “Jean-Michel Aulas must stop with shared responsibilities, this is not true. It is pure and simple madness. He’s going to make things worse. I told him that he was going to take French football into a dive if he didn’t clean up. He must take his responsibilities. “

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