“As a child it was already different”

Alexia putellas She has been carrying a ball at her feet since she was very young. The Golden Ball conquered in Paris is the culmination of a career that started as a child in the lower categories of the Sabadell, to move on to those of the Barça and make the leap to Spanish and the Levante. A blow such as the death of his father led him to return home and since then it has become an emblem of the club of his heart. Throughout this journey, Alexia has evolved but still maintains an essence that three people who knew her well at different stages wanted to share with MD. Are Merche Rosemary, president of the Sabadell female when Alexia joined the Harlequin club, Antonio Contreras, coach of the soccer player in Levante and Xavi Llorens, a very important figure in his career and who never lost track of him until he returned to the Barça.

Rosemary, one of the pioneers of state women’s football, remembers how “the aunt of Alexia He brought her on a motorcycle when she was about seven years old so that I could see her play and from that moment I realized that she had something, that it was special, it was different ”. She adds that “she was a very polite girl” and explains that “just with the way she placed the ball when shooting fouls, you could see that it would be worth a lot.” There came a point that they couldn’t keep growing in Sabadell and Rosemary she confesses how “I told her parents and that of other girls to go to the Barça, which in the future would be the benchmark ”. Describe to Alexia as “very shy but very nice” and as an anecdote she explained that “as she was one of the little ones when she placed the fouls to throw them the older ones got ahead of her and threw them, until with the coach we said that it had to be her. Not a single one failed ”.

Alexia, with Sabadell the second down starting from the right

CE Sabadell

Years later, already 17, Alexia landed on Valencia to play for Levante under the orders of Antonio Contreras. The one who was her coach there highlights that “a 17-year-old girl came to a locker room with some great professionals like Maider, Ruth or Sonia Prim. It was great for him to leave his home for the first time and learn from these professionals and take the best of each one, regardless of the quality he already had ”.

Life then put a hard setback in Alexia’s path and with the death of her father, she says Contreras, “Her mother came and told me that they had an offer to come home and that she needed it. Levante was then the third or fourth team in the league and I told the mother that the most important thing was that he go to a better team so as not to spoil his future and his growth. When he told me that the offer was from Barça, although I was the loser because I lost a great player, we couldn’t say no ”. Contreras could already see that Alexia would go far. So much so that “one day before a game, in the hotel talk, there was an advertisement on the street for a television channel with Messi as the protagonist. I told them that they had to work because one day one of them would be the one with the advertisement on the street, and that I believed that due to conditions Alexia would be the chosen one. And so it has happened ”, says the technician.

Alexia Putellas, as a Levante player

Alexia Putellas, as a Levante player

Raise UD

The best memory you have Contreras and that explains how it is Alexia is when “as a player of the Barça He asked for a day off to come to Valencia to meet my newborn son and eat with me and my wife. Not many do that and it denotes a great personality. And she took my son in her arms, who wouldn’t have let just anyone take him, but she was special ”.

The next technician Alexia had after Contreras it was already at Barça Xavi Llorens, which highlights that “every year I was after her to come back, as with others like Cloths or Walls. But they had to choose when it was time.

Returning home after his father died

And unfortunately due to the death of his father that was the moment that he thought he should go home ”. Llorens he remembers that “an Alexia arrived very sad about the family issue but very determined to return. I met with her and told her about the project we had and the future that awaited her, and luckily all those predictions have been fulfilled ”.

Alexia Putellas, at the beginning of this century at the Camp Nou

Alexia Putellas, at the beginning of this century at the Camp Nou

Putellas family

Xavi Llorens defines Alexia as “such a professional and competitive person who is never happy with what he does and always wants more and more, and that is what has made him grow in this way”. His coach from 2012 to 2017 who “does not propose it, it comes naturally. She doesn’t like being famous, what she likes is soccer and playing well ”. From when she was little she remembers that “you saw her play and it was different. Some stood out for their physique, others for their quality, but she was different ”and regrets that“ unfortunately she could not continue with us but we never lost track of her ”.

Her mother: “She decided she wanted to play soccer

Eli Segura, mother of Alexia, she was still excited yesterday and remembered her beginnings. “He decided he wanted to play soccer and both his father and I said, ‘Why not?’ I wish that many parents could do the same ”, he said in the ‘What are you playing‘(BE). Eli He admitted: “We didn’t imagine it would get here. We enjoy the day to day with her. I have not assimilated it yet. When I got home I tried to compile everything that I have experienced for her ”. And about the praised speech, he revealed: “Alexia I did not have it prepared and it was spectacular. She is like that”.

In Barça's debut in the Champions League (9/25/2012) against Arsenal

In Barça’s debut in the Champions League (9/25/2012) against Arsenal

Pere Puntí (MD)

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