Araujo reveals the forward who had the most difficulty defending… and it’s not Vinicius

Thursday Ronald Araujo gave an interview to Come on (Movistar+), in which, in addition to talking about the Classic He also responded to a test with several curious, quick-answer questions. One of them was about the striker who has found it hardest to score. And he hardly hesitated before answering: “Karim”. He was obviously referring to Karim Benzema, the striker of Real Madrid. Tomorrow they will see their faces again, although everything indicates that Xavi will place him again as a right back to measure himself at Vinicius, in a duel that is also beginning to be a classic. Curiously, he did not point to the Brazilian when asked about the striker who has had the most trouble scoring.

The test included other types of curious questions, such as the one about the most dancing player in the locker room or the one who takes the longest to get ready. To the first he answered without hesitation that Ansu Fatiwhile the second one had to think about it, although it ended up pointing to raphinha.

also revealed Araujo that if he were not a footballer he would have liked to be a policeman. And that his full name is Ronald Federico Araujo da Silva. He did not get wet when choosing between a barbecue with friends or a mate with friends. “Both”. Yes, it was much clearer that between watching a movie or playing ‘play’, he keeps the second

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