Araujo: “It is a key Clásico and very important for our goal: La Liga”

Ronald Araujo He loves big challenges. It doesn’t wrinkle, it grows. Of course, in a Classic, where he has won the last three. Tomorrow, the Uruguayan, one of the leaders of the Barça dressing room, will experience his first duel against Real Madrid at the SpotifyCamp Nou. Until now he had only played three at the Santiago Bernabéu and two in Saudi Arabia, in the Spanish Super Cup. “I’m very happy. I imagine the whole environment of people supporting. It will be very special and we hope it turns out well for us”, the defender wished in statements to Mundo Deportivo.

It is the desire of all culé. Even more so seeing how the situation is in LaLiga, nine points behind the whites. A Barça victory would leave Xavi Hernández’s men 12 behind Carlo Ancelotti’s men when there would be twelve games left to finish the championship. Despite this, Araujo was cautious. “I think that I would not rule La Liga, because this is football and anything can happen, but it is a very key and very important step for our objective. We would be talking about 12 points, which are a good margin to be able to go for our purpose, which is to win La Liga, and even more so by beating our eternal rival”. Despite this, he continued to downplay success. “We must face it with humility since this is long and there is still a lot to play for,” said Ronald.

Araujo, positive for the duel against Real Madrid

Manel Montilla – MD

The Uruguayan looks calm. He posed naturally for the photos in this report, smiling and relaxed, with his matte. Even joking. It seems that he does not care that on Sunday from 9:00 p.m. everyone is watching him and a generational duel that seems to be historic: Araujo against Vinicius Júnior. “I don’t prepare the Clásico in a special way; It’s like any other match, obviously knowing the importance of this matchup. I prepare it in a very normal way.”

Araujo lives the sport with as much intensity as loyalty. In his case, he knows exactly what values ​​he competes with and transmits them because he feels he is an example. That is why his behavior is always impeccable. Strong but clean, as with Vinicius. For now, the Uruguayan seems to have the recipe to stop the Brazilian, although he does not want to live in the past because he knows the quality of his opponent. Everything indicates that, seeing the success of the last precedents, the Barça number 4 will return to the side and Koundé will be central. “I hope to play on the wing, but we still don’t know what the coach is going to decide. I will try to bring the best of myself to the team”, the Uruguayan prayed humbly, who ignores the headlines that point to him as Vinicius’s kryptonite. “I don’t think I have won the psychological battle, it’s football and there are still many duels in our career,” he said earlier in Movistar.

Off the field, Vinicius and Araujo They stand out for their sportsmanship. The Uruguayan speaks Portuguese perfectly because he grew up in Rivera, a city on the border with Brazil, and he communicates with the Real Madrid striker in his own language. This already caught Vinicius, who lives face to face with Araujo with the same nobility. He fights on the field, mutual admiration off the green. So much so that she even congratulated him on his birthday. As with Fede Valverde, his teammate. “He is a friend and a spectacular player. A pity that it is on the other side, ”he smiled at him and drank mate.

Ronald is already waiting for the duel with Vinicius in the Camp Nou Clásico

Ronald is already waiting for the duel with Vinicius in the Camp Nou Clásico

Manel Montilla – MD

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