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Appeal confirms the yellow to Casemiro against Sevilla

The body has dismissed the appeal presented by Real Madrid

Casemiro, during the match against Sevilla


The Appeal Committee of the Spanish Football Federation (RFEF) has dismissed the appeal filed by Real Madrid and confirmed the yellow card that Brazilian Carlos Henrique Casemiro saw in the match against Sevilla.

The white club decided to file an appeal against the resolution of the Appeals Committee to admonish the South American midfielder for dangerous play, by virtue of article 111.1.a of the Disciplinary Code, with the corresponding accessory fine in application of 52.

The Real Madrid understands in his appeal that what is reflected by the collegiate in the minutes is not compatible with what in his opinion can be seen in the videographic evidence provided. Appeal considers that “it is not possible to appreciate any manifest material error, which would be the only thing capable of disproving the presumption of veracity of the arbitration record” and that the images are “compatible with what is reflected in the record.”

Casemiro In this way, a yellow card is left to serve a penalty for accumulation. If he is booked at the Reale Arena, he would miss the derby against him Atlético de Madrid.

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