Anne-Laure Bonnet denounces a pervert, Alexandre Ruiz a slander

While some saw in him the “pervert” denounced by Anne-Laure Bonnet, Alexandre Ruiz bitterly regretted certain amalgamations.

Anne-Laure Bonnet’s tweet did not go unnoticed. Eager to relay the front page of the latest issue of Society, the journalist has indeed accompanied it with a message, to say the least, explicit. “The last time I tweeted the front page of Society, they threatened to fire me… Now that I’m finally free from all perverts, I can start over”, she wrote, without wanting to say more.

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Many Internet users saw it as an allusion to Alexandre Ruiz, whose hasty departure from beIN Sports was made against the backdrop of accusations of sexism. Enough to make the 46-year-old journalist jump. “Dear all, The amalgams have lasted too long. And the slander must finally end. I hope that the truth, that concerning my resignation, will find light. In the meantime and as a reminder, I was not the hierarchical superior of my colleague Anne-Laure Bonnet », He wrote.

Last spring, Mediapart assured that the sudden departure of the star host of beIN was linked to a sanction against him pronounced after an internal investigation launched following several reports and which had highlighted inappropriate behavior. Alexandre Ruiz would have notably made sexist remarks during a meeting, launching a ” Why does he want to come on his show? Does he want to nab her or what? ”After learning that a leader of a large French club had granted an interview to the host of the show beIN Center Vanessa Le Moigne.

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