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Ancelotti warns Mbappé

The Real Madrid coach spoke of the French and Vinicius


Carlo Ancelotti is very clear about the role of Vinicius at Real Madrid and whoever arrives is not going to change it. Or what is the same, that Ancelotti warned Mbappe that will have to adapt to the game of Real Madrid and, above all, to Vinicius.

“Vini is a player who has to be on the left and is going to continue playing there whoever the teammate he has,” said Carlo Ancelotti on whether the possible arrival of Mbappe I would change something in the position of Vinicius en the field of play.

Ancelotti also spoke of the form state of the Brazilian He does not see tired, despite the fact that before the Sheriff it was not that of other parties. “In the game against the Sheriff he was not at the level but he is not tired. It was something typical of the game,” he said.

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