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Ancelotti responds to Monchi’s complaints after Real Madrid-Sevilla

The Italian made clear his position regarding the arbitration of the last match of the whites against the Hispanics

Real Madrid’s Italian coach Carlo Ancelotti

miguel angel molina / EFE

The Real Madrid – Seville and his controversial plays provoked a deep complaint within the Andalusian club that was personified in the figure of the sports director ‘Monchi’ who said about a play between Alaba and Ocampos: “Neither I nor anyone who sees it has doubts. I don’t have to I say it because I am an interested party, anyone who sees it … there is contact, a trip and it is a penalty. A very clear penalty. “

At a press conference, Ancelotti said: “I have read that Sevilla got a bit angry but I think they are situations that the referees have tried to make clear. You can get angry whatever you want (Alluding to ‘Monchi’ ) but the referees already explained that the ‘penalties’ are not going to whistle and I think it’s pretty good, “settled the Italian.

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