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Ancelotti remains firm with his punishment to Isco

The malagueño completed his second without warming up since he refused to do it more during the match against Granada

The Real Madrid coach has not sent Isco to warm up in the last two games

The long and black period that Isco has been going through since he left in 2018 Lopetegui from the white bench and will arrive Solari is still present. The coaches have passed and he has not been able to solve it. What’s more, it has grown.

In fact, in recent days, he took it upon himself to increase it when he refused to continue warming up in the band Los Cármenes seeing that he was not going to play a single minute in the duel against him grenade. Since then, Ancelotti, aware of the problem, has decided in the matches against Seville and Athletic include the player in the call but not even send him to warm up or give him minutes on the pitch.

A punishment that does nothing more than continue to tarnish the image of a player who has just months left on his contract and who, surely, will leave the club once he sees his union fulfilled if he does not do so before this month of January. .

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