Real Madrid

Ancelotti defends Bale

After the words of Barnett, the agent of the Welshman, against the Real Madrid fans

Bale with Ancelotti


Carlo Ancelotti did not want to add fuel to the fire on the words of Barnett, agent of Bale, accusing the Real Madrid fans of treating the player “disgustingly”.

“I have read this. They are words of a person that I do not know personally”, began saying Ancelotti who defended Bale assuring that “what I know is that that is not what Bale thinks. I think that Bale respects the fans and they have always respected him,” he said, ending by commenting on this matter that “it may be that they have whistled him, but not He is the only player who has been whistled. I have nothing to say. Something has come from a person I do not know. “

The Federation of Peñas del Real Madrid of the Community of Madrid issued a very harsh statement against Barnett and his own Bale to whom he asked to comment on the words of his representative. Something that, for now, has not happened.

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