An extreme and a killer, by Santi Nolla

Barça has money to sign in January and in summer, according to the club’s CEO yesterday, Ferran Reverter. However, in order to adjust the financial fair play, there will have to be cuts in the workforce that free up salaries. The club is currently in referendum mode as a priority. Yesterday the bases of the project and the telematic vote were explained. The vast majority of Barça fans are in favor of Espai Barça. The project is not in question. Nor should it be. What is exposed to debate is whether the financing has to be 1,500 million, not Espai Barça, which must be done without any doubt for the future economic viability of the club.

IN THE SPORTS SECTION there are also no great doubts about what should be signed. The ideal is an extreme and a killer in this winter market. The possible, one of the two. The investment by Ferran Torres has two advantages: he is an excellent 21-year-old forward, with a lot of experience. It also clears the unknown of the renewal of Dembelé. With Torres tied, the pressure from the agents of the French footballer to the Blaugrana club is relaxed, which will have to decide whether to make him play or not, if he has not just renewed. It seems smart that he plays even if he does not renew because Barça needs talent in front and that type of punishment can only be carried out if the punished is not the team itself.

AS FOR THE KILLER, Barça had planned that it would be Kun Aguero, but the detection of the arrhythmia complicates the process and we must wait. Meanwhile, there are two nine in the template: Luuk de Jong, With which Xavi does not count and Martin Braithwaite who is injured. It would be incomprehensible to have four center forwards after the winter market if someone else were signed and there were no casualties. Not only because Barça sometimes used to play with a false nine, but also because the creation of the squad would not allow so much overbooking. The team walks towards a balanced squad, not to complete an unbalanced one

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