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How I would like to know the name of the engineer or brain engineer of the Generalitat who has proposed to end the soccer fields in the patios of the schools. It is not to give you a hug for the idea. Simply to ask him what they did to him, if they didn’t let him play, or if they suggested that he be a goalkeeper or goalkeeper, or they hit him with a ball while chatting or doing tik-tok or I played Fortnite, or if he already played the squid game. The truth is that exploiting this idea precisely the day after the Catalan Alexia putellas I went up to the Olympus of football as the best in the world not only was it inappropriate. It was the best day to campaign in favor of football. That day many girls stopped admiring Leo Messi and imagined being Alexia putellasThey thought that this sport every day is more of them and is not exclusive to men. Throwing that bad idea is many more things that I will not say so as not to hurt sensibilities. But I will comment on something that I would have liked to read from a columnist friend of the family of Johan cruyff, who was in favor of installing soccer fields in any space adjacent to schools that did not have courtyards. And it was not just because that was a good business if not, as he told me one day, because there is nothing like sport to keep the youth active, alive. But I would like that too ask the precursor of such a bad idea what they intend to do in that space where not only soccer is played. I have read that the idea aims to rethink the distribution of the surface for other recreational activities. As which? Ask yourself Alexia, please

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