Alexia and Messi, the impossible dream photo of the captains

Barça, like Juventus or United, is one of the greats in the world of football who say that it is in low hours. However, the Barça brand resonates today throughout the sporting planet thanks to the Ballons d’Or that do justice to Messi and Alexia. And also with Pedri as the best young man of the world. Messi’s 7 awards definitely enthroned him for what he is: number 1 of all time. The Ballon d’Or for Alexia Putellas is emotion, happiness and culé pride. A day that will mark his life and that will remain in the history of the club. Alexia and Messi, the two Barça captains until last June 30. But the photo of both of them, together, at the Camp Nou, dressed in blaugrana is already an impossible image. In impact, maybe I would have surpassed that of 2010, with King Messi flanked by Iniesta and Xavi, the second and third best player in the world that year. It was the sublime hour of LaMasia.

Now it could have been –it should have been– the global photo of the Barça of equality. The best and the best in the world, from the same Club: the two captains of Futbol Club Barcelona with the senyera on the bracelet. Better impossible. On the day of the 122nd anniversary of Barça, there could not be a more brilliant self-tribute. But this ball for Messi it will appear as granted to a PSG player because Leo is no longer at Barça. The worst of all is that he still does not know why. He should never have finished the race outside the Camp Nou

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