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Alcoy will reinforce the parade with a hundred troops and Alcoyano-Real Madrid

The Alcoy City Council will reinforce with more than a hundred troops the security of the night of January 5, a day in which the city will celebrate the oldest parade in Spain and, hours later, the local team, Alcoyano, will face the Real Madrid in El Collao, in a match corresponding to the round of 32 of the Cup.

After a security meeting to coordinate the device that will be launched on January 5, sources from the consistory have explained that there will be 18 members of the Local Police, 16 from the Red Cross, 6 from the Civil Guard, 9 from Civil Protection and 12 from the National Police in the Parade, while another 40 agents of the National Police will be present in the field of El Collao.

Likewise, they have also explained that these 101 troops will be joined by agents of the Autonomous Police, who will be in those points that need more troops, as well as the Continuous Attention Point (PAC) of the Department of Health will be reinforced.

“There has been a very good disposition on the part of all those involved to ensure that on the 5th our city can celebrate the events in the safest possible way,” said the Security Councilor, Raül Llopis.

Llopis has maintained that it has been especially highlighted in the meeting that the measures will make this year’s Parade “more fluid”, as well as the need for it to end at 9:00 p.m., half an hour before the football game, which they recommend that the fans head on foot to avoid traffic jams.

In this security meeting Members of the Local Government, opposition parties, Local Police, Autonomous Police, National Police, Civil Guard, Civil Protection, Health Department, Red Cross, Firefighters, Alcoyano and the Associació de Sant Jordi, organizing entity of the Parade have participated.

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