Alarming flight of goals at Barça: 25 less!

The Barça suffers an alarming scoring problem, which is condemning him both in the League and in the Champions League. In the domestic competition, after the 0-1 against Betis, the Barça team has scored 23 goals, while in Europe the drought is much more worrying with only 2 goals in five games. The effect Messi and Griezmann it is being noticed. In seven games, Barça has been left blank.

They are 19 goals less than last year, when at this stage of the season with 20 games played they had 44 goals. The most striking figure is found in the 2011-2012 campaign. Then 58 so many had been added, no less than 33 more than those that are taken now. And it is that in the last decade, the average per season with these 20 official meetings is 50, 25 more.

Only in League, the figures are chilling. And you have to go back to the 2003-2004 season to find worse scoring numbers than now. So, with 15 games played, Barça was 11th in the standings with 19 goals that gave 20 points.


20 official matches

2020-2021 44 goals -19

2019-2020 48 goals -23

2018-2019 52 goals -27

2017-2018 43 goals -18

2016-2017 54 goals -29

2015-2016 43 goals -18

2014-2015 52 goals -27

2013-2014 51 goals -26

2012-2013 57 goals -32

2011-2012 58 goals -33

Before him BetisIt was the second time with Xavi Hernández on the bench and the seventh to zero in the total of 20 games, four in the League and three in the Champions League, a worrying 35%. In the last decade there is no similar precedent.

The Barça he has been left without scoring in the league on five occasions. It is a problem that comes from afar. The first time was in the field of Cádiz (0-0). Two games later the same thing happened again against Atlético (2-0). Nor on the day of Rayo (1-0), which meant the dismissal of Koeman. This time, the first time at the Camp Nou in a loss to Betis (0-1).

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