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A vital Classic for Madrid… and for Ancelotti

He real Madrid to be or not to be at stake The league in it Classic this Sunday in the Camp Nou. He barca of Xavileader by nine points, has in his hand to deal a final blow in the championship while the team of ancelotti He needs to win yes or yes so as not to say goodbye to his aspirations to revalidate the title.

The white team arrives with reinforced morale and play after sealing the pass to the quarterfinals of the Champions with a solvent victory against the Liverpool but has to Benzema between cotton for a blow. The captain’s chances will largely depend on the captain’s physical condition, greatly diminished by his continuous ailments this season. Madrid to assault the Camp Nou and squeeze the head a little The league.

Not adding the three points would put the Madrid and of course Carlo Ancelotti in a tricky situation with only two fronts open to ‘save’ the season: the Copa del Rey and the Champions. In the tournament of K.O. facing a situation similar to that of Classic league, since he is obliged to come back, in the Camp Nou next April 6, the 0-1 harvested in the Bernabeu before a barca weighed down by the losses of Pedro, dembele and Lewandowski.

In Championshis fetish tournament, the Madrid going to have to go through a very thorny path if he wants to revalidate the title and reap the fifteenth. It is measured at Chelsea in the quarterfinals and, if he passed, a very tough confrontation would await him against one of the other two great favorites: Manchester City and Bayern Munich. In both qualifiers, in addition, they have had to play the second leg away from home and they will not be able to count on the Bernabéu effect that went so well in the comebacks of last season.

Of what happens in the Camp Nou This Sunday could depend on the future of Carlos Ancelotti. In Madrid there is an unwritten law that if a season ends without a great title in the bag, the coach goes to the street. In addition, in high white circles the defeats in the classics of arabian and of Cup for the poor image offered before the eternal rival. minor trophies like super cups or the Club World Cup they are not enough and he knows it better than anyone ancelotti, dismissed in the 2014/2015 campaign. He Madrid and who knows if Carlettomuch more than three points are played in a Classic transcendental.

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