A scandalous promotion in Colombia (video)

It’s a shame for Colombian football “, Gets carried away Matheus Uribe this Sunday on Twitter. Star of the Colombian selection, his teammate Juan Cuadrado was the first to be outraged on the same social network: ” What a lack of respect for this goal of the Union “.

At the origin of this rant pushed in unison, the funny outcome observed Saturday between Llaneros and Union Magdalena, in the Colombian second division. Led 1-0 at the start of added time, the visitors hit twice, in quick succession, to the 95e and 96e minutes to snatch victory (1-2). And you only have to see the action of the winning goal to understand the strong suspicions weighing on this meeting.

While this astounding success allows the Union to rally the elite, the Colombian Football Players Association is stepping up to demand an investigation into the circumstances of this opportunistic result, to say the least. Injured in this affair, the Fortaleza team, which also claimed to be promoted, naturally cries out to theft. ” We can lose but not this way “Thunders his trainer.

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