A “pervert” wanted to fire Anne-Laure Bonnet

The former presenter of beIN Sports and Téléfoot published a tweet evoking a bad professional experience with a “pervert”.

Almost a year after the premature end of Téléfoot, of which she was one of the emblematic faces, Anne-Laure Bonnet has disappeared from the audiovisual landscape. At least on this side of the Alps. The French journalist has returned to her first love by exercising her talents at the microphone of Sky Italia, whether by appearing on Saturday evening in the Sky Calcio l’Originale program or in its Mondogol program, broadcast on Monday evening and focusing on European football.

However, Anne-Laure Bonnet has not cut ties with France. As evidenced by this message published on Twitter to relay the front page of Society, devoted to the presidential campaign and more precisely to the will of the candidates to seduce young people. The opportunity for the former presenter of beIN Sports and Téléfoot to evoke a painful memory. “The last time I tweeted the front page of Society, they threatened to fire me… Now that I’m finally free from all perverts, I can start over”, she wrote without wanting to say more.

In March 2020, in the wake of the broadcast of the documentary “I am not a slut, I am a journalist”, Anne-Laure Bonnet had told a bad experience lived at TF1, explaining that she had been threatened with dismissal if she did not lose weight. . “I was asked to lose weight. Otherwise I would be taken off the air. I speak five languages ​​but it is not enough. It is better to be a little prettier, a little more smiling and nicer », she had entrusted, explaining in addition that an editorial director was vigilant on her necklines. But since Society was launched in 2015 when she had long left TF1, Anne-Laure Bonnet seems to have lived another painful experience.

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