A corrupt referee for Dortmund-Bayern?

Borussia Dortmund could not digest their defeat against Bayern Munich (2-3) on Saturday in an electric Klassiker. And Jude Bellingham recalled the sulphurous past of the referee of the meeting.

She hurt, this defeat, for Borussia Dortmund against Bayern Munich (2-3) Saturday. The Borussens did not digest the arbitration of the meeting, which resulted in coach Marco Rose being excluded during the meeting (78th).

At the end of this match rich in spectacle and twists, Erling Haaland mentioned ” scandal “, by regretting an unsullied penalty on Marco Reus (53rd) and the behavior he judges “Arrogant” from referee Felix Zwayer.

Bellingham digs up an old file

But the action that ignited the powder was the decisive penalty awarded to Bayern. At real speed, Mr. Zwayer had not seen the hand of Mats Hummels. And after intervention of the VAR, he chose to sanction this hand which seems involuntary on the part of the defender of the BvB, jostled by Thomas Müller.

“For me, there was no penalty, railed Jude bellingham after the meeting. Hummels does not even look at the ball, he is in a duel, it falls on him. And there are other situations in this game. You give the biggest game of the championship to a referee who has already been sanctioned for corruption. What can you expect? “

Bellingham refers to a match-fixing scandal that affected Bundesliga 2 in 2005. Then assistant referee Mr Zwayer accepted a bribe of 300 euros from the head referee of a match where he had to officiate. He had received a six-month suspension which had been hidden by the German authorities, and subsequently revealed by the daily Die Zeit. That did not prevent Zwayer from making a career, notably officiating in 22 Champions League matches. Saturday was his 191st Bundesliga game.

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