A big clash at PSG

According to Jérôme Rothen, a very heated discussion would have opposed some Parisian players and Leonardo two years ago. A scene with serious consequences.

Leonardo’s ears have been ringing for several weeks. When Mauricio Pochettino expressed a certain uneasiness in two interviews granted to The team and at Guardian, it was thus difficult not to think that the sporting director of the PSG was targeted. The Argentinian technician is not the first to experience his cohabitation with the Brazilian leader. It was indeed the same for Thomas Tuchel, his predecessor on the bench of the club of the capital.

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And the Parisian coaches are not the only ones to have some grievances against the 1994 world champion. The scene recounted by Jérôme Rothen testifies to this. “Two years ago, he found himself facing the players. It is rare for a whole locker room to face the sports director saying: ‘you are not going in our direction. You don’t defend us enough ‘. There are players who have spoken and who have been pretty hard on him. Namely Navas, Cavani at the time. Leonardo, he doesn’t say anything when he’s in front of you ”, he explained.

And this clash was not without consequence. “Behind, the season ended and what happened? Cavani, out because he had brought Icardi back. It is Leonardo’s choice. And Navas? He could not. That’s news, and that’s for sure. When everyone asked themselves the question: ‘why is he going to look for Donnarumma? ‘Pochettino didn’t want Donnarumma, he continued. Not in relation to the quality of the player, but because he did not want to put a goalkeeper in difficulty. He knows very well that already managing the stars in front, plus the goalkeepers, plus the defenders with the arrival of Ramos, is too much for him. And why he (Leonardo) put it in his hands, is to tell Navas that he will play less. “

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